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Smart Coding is a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, programmers and technical specialists with extensive experience in the industry. We are capable of responding to the challenges of Industry 4.0, IoT as well as engineering solutions for any type of industry. We help improve productivity, efficiency and traceability. Turnkey solutions.

Smart Editor scoding

Smart Editor: Easy and intuitive editor

  • Software for editing messages in smrt format, included in the S-PRINT printers. Software can be installed on a computer to edit the messages and send them to the printer via network, or on the external controllers Display Controller 10.1 and Multihead Controller.

Smart Soft: S-PRINT printer driver

  • Software to control the printing and personalisation of the messages to be printed on the production line.
  • Smart.Soft is pre-installed as standard on S-PRINT printers.
Smart Soft scoding

Modular software

Connection software to integrate different printers from Smart Coding Technologies or
other brands. Control of printer and production at any time and from anywhere.
Integration with information systems with: master of articles and/or planned production
orders, history of coded products and recording of coding errors, own linking tools or those
of the main ERP’s based on text files (TXT/CSV), or connections to SQL-Server
databases and integration with label design programs (NiceLabel).
It guarantees the accuracy of the labelling, controlling that the texts and codes are correct,complying with traceability requirements, through vision systems, fixed industrial identification readers, portable industrial identification readers, code verifiers, artificial vision cameras. It integrates with most ERP’s. Controls traceability in the coding process.
Real time information of the production lines.

Software Modular scoding
Interprete scoding

Interpreter of different protocols

Software for the interpretation of messages from other brands of publishers that can be printed without any problems on S-PRINT printers. We provide the possibility of converting the customer’s message formats to the smrt format so that they can be printed with our equipment. This saves customers the tedious work of generating new message formats.
Software a Medida scoding

Custom Software
Our special applications and software department can custom develop any application to meet the needs of your production line. Some of the custom projects we have done are:

  • Message Editor for CIJ printer: Simple and user-friendly software for editing messages and sending them to Hitachi printert, from any PC connected to the network.
  • Pallet Print: Software for designing and sending messages (Diagraph IJ4000 printer) for printing logos on the blocks of any type of pallet.
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